Kids ninja training equipment slanted steps,vert wall,octa platform,landing mat,speed bump

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The Master Ninja System contains (2) 2-piece Speed Bumps, (4) Slanted Steps, (3) Octa-Platforms, (1) 4-Piece Vert Wall, and (1) 24″ Landing Mat.
* Constructed from high-quality foam cores
* Covered with heavy-duty 18-oz. double-coated vinyl fabric
* Available in solid vinyl colors
* Hook fastener on the bottom of each unit is designed for use on Carpet-Bonded Foam
* Double-sided Slanted Steps can be repositioned to increase the difficulty for elementary-age students
* Octa-Platforms, Slanted Steps, and the base of the Vert Wall have a diamond-pattern non-slip surface
4-PIECE VERT WALL with LANDING MATThe four-piece unit can be stacked or disassembled to use the pieces independently; designed to be a challenging vertical wall for
Pre-K through Elementary-age students.