8 Ft High x 30 Ft Portable pipe and drape system backdrop decorative pipe and drape kits

8 Ft High x 30 Ft Portable pipe and drape system backdrop decorative pipe and drape kits
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Product Model : TG-BD-4

Product Features : indoor or outdoor use

easily to set up

Pipe and Drape Privacy Changing Rooms are great for providing temporary and portable privacy areas


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8 Ft High x 30 Ft Portable pipe and drape system backdrop decorative pipe and drape kits

Pipe and Drape Privacy Changing Rooms are great for providing temporary and portable privacy areas. Commando drapes are 99.9% opaque for light blocking applications and privacy situations.Create temporary dressing rooms using our pipe and drape for a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for permanent construction.

Note: product photos show the “front” open (without a support rod or drapes) to show a representation of the inside of the changing room. These kits include another support rod and drapes (not pictured) to fully enclose the room.
The part of pipe and drape kits
Uprights (vertical pipe): * Size – 2″ 3– 5FT Telescoping Slip Collar – Slip Fit(can be customized)

* Weight – Approximately 2.5 lbs each

* Material – Aluminum

* Color – Silver

* Other – Four 90° slots are cut out at the top

Bases (underneath each upright): * Size – 420x420x5mm(Can be customized)

* Weight – Approximately 15 lbs each with included 3″H steel base pin

* Material – Steel

* Color – Silver

Telescopic crossbar–Drape Support Rod (horizontal pipe): * Size – 6′-10′ drape support has button stops at 8′ and 10′, 1.5″ diameter(can be customized)

* Weight – Approximately 3.8 lbs., max. weight capacity is 15 lbs.

* Material – Aluminum

* Color – Silver

* Other – Adjustable from 6 to 10 feet wide. Button stop at 8 and 10 foot intervals

About The Drape:Machine Washable ,easy to use in 10 minutes to set up.

This drapes look fabric is attractive, durable and easy to maintain.

Default Drape color is black. If you prefer a different color, please indicate the Color of Drapery. Otherwise black drapes will be shipped. Main colors are white, red, brone, royal blue, navy blue, gray,silver, etc.






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  • pipe and drape kits

    Pipe and drape includes: base plat, adjustable upright, telescope crossbar, drapes.

    Provide the Length, Height, Width of your project, then we can find out the best solutions for you.

    you can custom your project by the below information:

    Adjustable Upright


    Model No.
    3′ – 5′ Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (0.9-1.5m) , weight: 2.5 lbs
    4′ – 7′ Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (1.2-2.1m) , weight: 3.8 lbs
    5′ – 8′ Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (1.5-2.4m) , weight: 4.2 lbs
    5′ – 11′ Adjustable Upright , Three-Piece pipe / (1.5-3.3m) , weight: 5.8 lbs
    6′ – 10′ Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (1.8-3.0m) , weight: 5.0 lbs
    6′ – 14′ Adjustable Upright , Three-Piece pipe / (1.8-4.2m) , weight: 6.8 lbs
    7′ – 12′ Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (2.2-3.6m) , weight: 5.6 lbs
    7′ – 17′ Adjustable Upright , Three-Piece pipe / (2.2-5.2m) , weight: 8.0 lbs
    8′ – 14′ Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (2.4-4.3m) , weight: 6.8 lbs
    8′ – 20′ Adjustable Upright , Three-Piece pipe / (2.5-6.1m) , weight: 10.0 lbs
    9′ – 16′ Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (2.7-4.9m) , weight: 7.6 lbs
    9′ – 23′ Adjustable Upright , Three-Piece pipe / (2.7-7.0m) , weight: 11.0 lbs
    10′ – 18′ Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (3.0-5.5m) ,weight: 8.4 lbs
    11′ – 20′ Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (3.4-6.1m) ,weight: 9.0 lbs
    12′ – 22′ Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (3.7-6.7m) ,weight: 10.0 lbs
    13′ – 24′ Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (4.0-7.3m) ,weight: 10.8 lbs
    14′ – 26′ Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (4.3-7.9m) ,weight: 11.8 lbs
    Telescopic Crossbar


    2′-3′Telescopic Crossbars (stops at 3′) / (0.6-0.9m) ; Weight: 1.5 lbs
    4′-7′Telescopic Crossbars (stops at 6′& 7′ ) / (1.2-2.1m) ; Weight: 2.9 lbs 
    5′-8′Telescopic Crossbars (stops at 8′) / (1.5-2.4m) ; Weight: 3.2 lbs
    6′-10′Telescopic Crossbars (stops at 8′& 10′ ) / (1.8-3.0m) ; Weight: 3.8 lbs
    7′-12′Telescopic Crossbars (stops at 10′& 12′ ) / (2.1-3.7m) ; Weight: 4.4 lbs
    8′-14′Telescopic Crossbars (stops at 10′,12′& 14′) / (2.4-4.3m) ; Weight: 5.5 lbs 
    9′-16Telescopic Crossbars (stops at 12′,14′& 16′) / (2.7-4.8m) ; Weight: 6.5 lbs 
    Base Plate


    200*350*5mm Base Plate ; Weight: 6.0 lbs / 2.73kgs
    260*375*5mm Base Plate ; Weight: 8.5 lbs / 3.86kgs
    350*400*5mm Base Plate ; Weight: 12.0 lbs / 5.45kgs
    420*420*5mm Base Plate ; Weight: 15.5 lbs / 7.05kgs
    450*450*5mm Base Plate ; Weight: 17.0 lbs / 7.72kgs
    500*500*5mm Base Plate ; Weight: 21.5 lbs / 9.77kgs
    500*630*5mm Base Plate ; Weight: 27.0 lbs / 12.27kgs
    600*600*5mm Base Plate ; Weight: 31.0 lbs / 14.09kgs
    450*450*8mm Base Plate ; Weight: 28.0 lbs / 12.72kgs
    500*500*8mm Base Plate ; Weight: 35.0 lbs / 15.91kgs
    500*630*8mm Base Plate ; Weight: 43.5 lbs / 19.77kgs
    600*600*8mm Base Plate ; Weight: 50.0 lbs / 22.73kgs
    450*450*10mm Base Plate ; Weight: 35.0 lbs / 15.91kgs
    500*500*10mm Base Plate ; Weight: 43.0 lbs / 19.54kgs
    500*630*10mm Base Plate ; Weight: 54.0 lbs / 24.54kgs
    600*600*10mm Base Plate ; Weight: 62.0 lbs / 28.18kgs
    420*420*12mm Base Plate ; Weight: 36.5 lbs / 16.62kgs

    1.  Why your factory provide not only  lighting truss, but also  flight case, portable stage, pipe and drape ,ect ?


    Actually, the reason is very simple. All our product need the similar raw material , like plywood, aluminum alloy tube. We just need buy the professional machines, hire the skillful workers and enhance the R& D Team. We hope we could provide “ One-Stop service” for our clients.

    Our concept is “ Tourgo , Build your dream”  Our goal is to win the bright future and be the No. 1 Pro sound & Light equipment manufacturer.


    2. Does Tourgo company provide the OEM service?


    Yes, Tourgo could provide the OEM service according to your request.

    We have the ten-year designers team, the customized flight case, portable stage, and  lighting truss also is available,  just need your idea!


    3. Does Tourgo company offer warranty for the sold products?


    Only if your products are purchased from Tourgo company, we promise life time warranty. In other words, if your products are purchased directly from us or our dealers, you can enjoy such warranty.


    4. Do you provide the flight cases parts for replacement I purchased from Tourgo company ?


    Well, almost all our flight cases parts are replaceable. You can replace them yourself. If you want to get them, you can contact us soon.   


    5. What is the mean of Alphabet “U” in rack case catalog?


    For rack case, we offer 2U, 4U, 6U, 8U and other models of “U” cases. “U” here is a unit referring to inner height of the rack case . Usually, 1 U equals 1.75” (4.45cm).


    6. I want to distribute your products in my country. How can I become a distributor ?


    Tourgo has searched global deals for all our products. We will provide preferential offers for all deals, especially those in large amount. For most information about dealership, please visit our Distributor Wanted.  


    7. What is the MOQ for your products?


    Tourgo requires no minimum order quantity, and we can ship single item samples or large orders worldwide for any clients who are in need of our products


    8. Can I get any discount for my order?


    Yeah, you can contact our sales team, depending on the amount of your order 

    - The products you need

    - The exact desired order quantity

    - Your desired time frame

    - Any special packing instructions

    With this information we will get back to you with a quotation.

    We also offer limited time promotion, please notice our post in our website.


    9. What is your payment term, delivery time? Do you have the reliable freight agent?


    The payment term is T/T, Western Union.

    Delivery time is 7 – 15 days after we get the payment. Surely, if you need the goods urgently, we  try our best to meet your demand. Moreover, we  will send your goods pictures to you before the shipping

    Yes, as a leading manufacturer, we have the reliable freight agent and has done the business with them for many years. If you have your own agent,  we would like to coordinate with them fully.


    10. Will you send the drawing of the custom product for our confirmation before the production?           


    Yes, Absolutely! Like custom flight case, lighting truss project, portable stage project. We will provide the professional drawing for your confirmation before our production.

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