Network Video Recording Soundproof Studio Booth

Network Video Recording Soundproof Studio Booth

TourGo is the world’s leading manufacturer of Sound Isolation Enclosures. We offer different booth sizes and two levels of sound isolation that will satisfy nearly any sound isolation requirement. We cater to commercial and residential clients that need our product for recording, music instrument practice, translation, voice-over work, television broadcasts, podcasting, post-production, education, laboratory research, equipment testing, office solutions, and many other applications.


Lighting System 4000K natural light / 150Lsx
Power Supply System 110-240V/50Hz & 12V-USB
Window Three-layer hollow soundproof glass
observation window size 16″ x 30″ Door Window
Thickness of the window 8mm*5mm*5mm plexiglass
Thickness of the wall 10cm
Materials sound insulation cotton, sound absorbing cotton, sound insulation felt,
metal sound insulation felt, large core board, sound insulation solid wood,
aluminum-plastic panel.
Exhaust System 50W,Low noise and refreshing internal air in 3-minute operating efficiency
Sound insulation 35-40db
Color can be customized

Post time: Oct-21-2021


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