Outdoor Ninja Warrior Training Equipment for Kids



    The course includes classic playground fun rolled into one fabulous backyard frame that all the kids will love, featuring a three-metre flying fox ride.

    Always at the centre of our frames is our height-adjustable monkey bar, in the colour of your choice, plus The coursealso has a trapeze and a sling swing.

    The Monkey Bars Flying Fox is a super smooth ride on polyurethane wheels, a heavy-duty trolley that can take adults and kids and a rubber stopper to cushion the ride.

    The course is classic backyard fun that all ages will be able to use and enjoy.

    It is also a popular modular frame that you can continue to add on to in the future with popular items like our Nest Swing Package and Ninja Grips Package.





    • 3m x 900mm, nine rung, height adjustable monkey bar that grows up with the kids from 1.2 to 2.3 metres.
    • Exclusive to Funky Monkey Bars is our three-metre Flying Fox bar, trolley and button swing that’s load rated to 130kg.
    • Enjoy the Flying Fox ride with a Button Swing or add-on the NEW Flying Fox handle to mix it up.
    • Two popular accessories included; the sling swing and trapeze.
    • A modular frame with the ability to grow over time with the addition of more frames and more awesome add-ons.
    • Super strong and stable, Australian galvanised steel frame that’s completely free-standing.
    • Stabilised by Funky Monkey Bars unique design and the fun and functional 900mm twirly-whirly bars.
    • No need to concrete the footings into the ground, just peg onto grass at each anchor point.
    • 5m (L) x 3m (W) x 2.3m (H)
    • Load rated to 780kgs suitable for kids and adults.







Post time: Oct-20-2021


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