TourGo 7 Drawer Audio Sound Tech Production Utility Road Tour Stage Case

This side by side case is full of 10 drawers with metal easy-glides. The front lid also doubles as a free-standing table with folding legs. It is constructed of 3/8″ plywood, has high impact ball corners, aluminum on all edges, and six heavy duty casters. There are 4 small drawers, 4 medium drawers, and 2 large drawers. Stay organized with this multi-funtional utility case.

3/8″ Plywood w/Black Laminate

Tongue & Groove Metal Railing

High Impact Ball Corners

Industrial Rivets

Industrial Latches

Industrial Spring-Loaded Recessed Handles

Six 4″ Heavy Duty Easy Glide Casters

Free Standing Lid Table

Inside Drawer Dimensions:

4 Small Drawers 18″ W (Left to Right) x 16″ D (Front to Back) x 3″ H

4 Medium Drawers 18″ W x 16″ D x 4-3/4″ H

2 Large Drawers 18″ W x 16″ D x 6-1/2″ H

Table Dimensions: 42″ W x 26″ D x 28″ H (table top) (24-1/2″ to edge overhang)

7 Drawer Utility Road Tour Stage Case Specification

Product Dimensions and Weight:

42″ W (Left to Right) x 21-3/4″ D (Front-Back) x 31-3/4″ H (w/Casters) 27″ H (w/out Casters) (172 lbs)

Shipping Dimensions and Weight:

45″ W x 30″ D x 25″ H (186 lbs)

Post time: Sep-12-2018


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