TourGo Customized Aluminum Portable DJ Booths Truss On Sale

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TourGo Customized Aluminum Portable DJ Booths Truss On Sale

The Opti  Control Station portable DJ booth is designed to be a flexible and adaptable console for mobile DJ’s who want to have a stylish, sturdy, and reliable workspace at every gig.

Utilizing an aluminum truss frame with stainless countertops, this mobile rig gives a solid and professional appearance to the audience. A white perspex panel attached to the front of the console adds a blank canvas to project creative effects lighting, or customize with a logo or a special message. The main shelf houses your turntables, CDJ’s, and mixer, while the top shelf can easily fit a laptop or lighting controller.

The Opti  Control Station is assembled without tools, in less than 5 minutes by one person. It has a working height of 3’1″, supplied with the generously sized 47″ x 29.5″ main shelf and the 47″ x 10.6″ top shelf to support a laptop/controller or similar equipment.

Two aluminum plates act as monitor or lighting support, which can be removed to add optional overhead expansions to the booth. Two expansion systems are available to enhance the look and functionality of the booth.

The Control Station  will hold a weight of over 70kg of UDL (uniformly distributed load) so will support any equipment/hardware or coffin cases that are able to be carried and transported.


Portale DJ Booth with aluminum truss frame and stainless countertops
Includes two heavy duty carrying bags with riveted handles and shoulder straps

Assembles without tools, in less than 5 minutes, by one person

White perspex front and side panels to project lighting, or customize with a logo

Main Shelf: 47″ x 29.5″

Top Shelf: 47″ x 10.6″

Assembled Dimensions (WxHxD): 56″ x 52″ x 43″

Assembled Weight: 80 lbs


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