TourGo LED Ground Stack System for All Kinds of LED Screen

     TourGo LED Ground Stack System for All Kinds of LED Screen

Building your LED screen from ground level is now easy, whatever screen type/brand you use, Tourgo offers a universal solution, the LED Stack system. This combination of a base-unit, connection bar and ladder truss, creates a very stable system to support your LED screens in various configurations and offers flexibility in height as well as width.


A side entry clamp with the universal connection plate mounted makes it possible to mount almost any type of LED panel quick and easy.


By using longer connection bars, you can easily extend you screen with another row of panels.


Using the adjustable feet in the front and back of the base-unit, you can safely level the system, so your screen is completely levelled.


All components come standard black powder coated steel
Ladder Truss 300mm, 3mm thickness, black color
Adjustable Basement
Length 1000mm, width 300mm,50x50x4mm profile, black color
Connection Bar length 1m, 50x50x4mm profile, black color
Connection Clamp
Length:35cm,Black Color






Post time: Dec-02-2019


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