TourGo Rainproof Transparent Canvas Geodesic Dome Tent

TourGo Rainproof Transparent Canvas Geodesic Dome Tent


        Geodesic dome tent frame is made of high-strength Stainless Steel,Coating Varnish and Galvanized Steel Tube, with a solid design, removable and reusable. The appearance is stylish but not obvious, giving a sense of understated simplicity. Tent structure is anti-UV, rot proof, moldy proof, anti-aging, wind loading, waterproof and flame-retardant. They all have relevant certificates. Thanks for foldable PVC fabric and disassemble framework, the volume is small and easy to transport and store. 


       Geodesic dome tent from TourGo is available on span width 3m to 50m, which can be applied on the different scale of activities. Besides, Tourgo can offer different design for tent rooftop. Nowadays, TourGo Tent has designed 4 PVC cover options for our clients:


1.Full Transparent Cover                                              2.White PVC with 3/1 with transparent Cover  未标题-45

3. Full White Cover                                                         4 .Custom-Made Cover


1.Easy Installation:

Tourgo provides a complete installation guide for you. we will send you the install vedio and instructions, most of our customers can install by thenselves.


Our dome tent is movable, very easy to transport. As we all know, geodesic dome is the lightest structure among the outdoor mobile structures.

3.Accelerating Production:

Our qualified team can produce and delivery your ideal dome to fit the time of your project, because we have in-house manufacturing,even with custom orders,we have100% performance.





Usages:3m-10m diameter small size of geodesic dome tent can be used as the wedding, hotel tents. 15m-30m diameter can be used for exhibitions, brand launches, and other high-end activities, while 30m-50m diameter large geodesic dome tent is popular to be used as a theater, concert party, and other large-scale activities. Different color and transparent cover are available, what’s more, inkjet and CNC sculpture can be used to make a custom unique fabric, providing a satisfactory solution for each customer.


Other types of tent:

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