TourGo white starlit dance floor with led lights for wedding

TourGo white starlit dance floor with led lights for wedding

Our White led starlit dance floor is the current floor for weddings, perfect for brides and grooms everywhere to start their first dance. There is just a gasp when the twinkling floor is turned on to start their first dance as man and wife.

This dance floor really comes into it’s own when hired for weddings, as you can set the white LED lights to remain static, or flash and twinkle, you can also adjust the speed of the lights to match the tempo of your first dance which creates a beautiful effect and sets a very romantic atmosphere indeed.

Finished in a stunning gloss white with hundreds of dazzling star lights this dance floor really brings style and sophistication to any event from a wedding to corporate launch.

This floor also comes in 2ft square (600mm) sections ,4ft square (1200mm) sections and is compatible with all our other floor types,

2ft x 2ft led dance floor panels

2ft x 4ft led dance floor panels

Starlit Dance floor accessories

Using aluminum edging connect dance floor

Create something a little different from the norm for your wedding or corporate why not create a pattern and mix the black and white dance floor panels up a bit?



Post time: Jun-11-2018


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