100 X 50cm Gym Ninja Parkour Equipment Jumping Foam Blocks

Parkour Blocks protect and keep your training safe! Designed specifically for climbing, vaulting, jumping, rolling, tumbling, and all freerunning activities for the traceur and traceuse of every skill level, our blocks see regular use in stunt choreography, martial arts, and police training. Each block consists of hand-layered safety foams around a featherlight core to ensure zero dead foam and zero deformation without voids or pitting. These premium vertical safety blocks are crafted with handmade precision and do not suffer from poor machine slit slab bologna cutting or gaping from cheap adhesives. Each block is secured inside anti-static, anti-slip vinyl covers treated to be mildew resistant and will not fade due to a special UV inhibitor. These are tear resistant with an ultimate tensile strength to withstand thousands of hours of repeated use and a compression free deflection guaranteed to keep your freerun secure! The zipper case allows for easy cleaning and our no-slip grip handles reinforce its ease of use so you can put it wherever whenever!

2 Jumping Foam Blocks


3 Jumping Foam Blocks


4 Jumping Foam Blocks

Post time: May-22-2024


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