1M/2M/3M Truss Cover/Sock/Cloth With Zipper and velcroFor 290X290MM Square Trussing Ziplock Elastic Fabric

The black Truss Scrim from TourgGo provides a clean, professional appearance for the Lighting Stand (available separately), making it ideal for wedding DJs, party hosts, and event entertainers. It encases the adjustable steel legs of the podium with white/black, stretchy spandex. Designed to blend into the background, it helps to mask the lighting


* Machine washable, satin/sheen finish lycra/spandex truss cover
* Fits over 12″x12″ truss
* with velcro on one side
* Can be illuminated with lighting/uplighting
* Available in white and black


Post time: May-17-2024


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