4 Way Entry Stackable Aluminum Serving Pallet Used Stocking and Transporting

4 Way Entry Stackable Aluminum Serving Pallet Used Stocking and Transporting


TourGo aluminum pallets are the perfect solution for your shipping, storage, and warehouse needs. Aluminum pallets will not rust, rot, warp, or burn, therefore giving you a better return on your investment. Also, because of the fireproof quality of our aluminum pallets, they may help lower your insurance rates. Aluminum pallets are stronger than other materials now being used such as wood or plastic. Our Aluminum pallets will reduce your product damage and they are lighter than some wood or other metal pallets therefore reducing shipping cost.

Product Name
TourGo Aluminium Pallet
Aluminum alloy 6082-T6
Pallet Color
silver, or customized is available
40″x40″x6″,40″x48″x6″, 42″x48″x6″,48″x48″x6″ or customized is available
Top Board Width
Fork Opening Width
Fork Opening Height
Main tube
50*4mm , 50*3mm , 50*2mm
Pallet shape
Dynamic loading capacity
4000 lbs.
Static loading capacity
6000 lbs.
Unsupported Pallet Rack Capacity
6000 lbs.
Pallet Weight
1, Special Design:100% fully welding and high pressure aluminum extrusion profile
2, Easy to clean: Dust- free and no blind size on all aluminum pallet surface
3, Convenient to transport: There is entry for forklift, you can custom the size for the pallet, and it can be stacked, save space .
5, Application: the pallet is for seafood company for transfer and cold & storage,also apply to other warehousing and logistics

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