Aluminum DJ Lighting Truss Totem with Cover Scrim and TV Mount

2M Aluminum Steel Truss Totem is an all-in-one kit for the mobile entertainer. The 2 m tall system includes a 2m aluminum flat truss, top and bottom plates, fire retardant scrim, flight cases, and all connecting hardware. Made of lightweight aluminum for easy transportation, setup, and breakdown, it assembles with the same conical connection system as other Truss products.

Truss Glo Totem 2.0 Specifications:

6.56 ft (2.0 m)
Outer diameter tube:
2 in (50 mm)
Tube wall thickness:
0.08 in (2 mm)
Size (Top Plate):
12 x 12 in (300 x 300 mm)
Size (Base Plate):
24 x 24 in (600 x 600 mm)
Base plate thickness:
0.23 in (6 mm)
Product Description

Post time: Jun-29-2022


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