Black White CASE portable control tower dj podium stand with Two Road Cases

Black CASE DJ Podium Control Tower Dj Stand With Laptop Stand Tool Flight Cases

This podium style stand is designed and built to make transport and setup quick and easy. The inside of the control deck is lined with foam that fits your compatible controller. It includes a frame topper for the final touch.
The Control Tower DJ Podium is the Crown Jewel for DJs who are looking to add an elegant touch to your wedding, night club, and event gigs. The podium center is equipped with three-tier shelves (for utility storage, mics, cables, etc). It has a 3-inch height space located underneath the DJ controller stand. The base of the stand cable hole for neatly running audio and power.
Delivery in 2 separate boxes:

Box 1 of 2:
Shipping Dims: 48″ x 29″ x 14.5″
Weight: 102 Lbs
Control Deck + Case: 45″ x 26.5″ x 10″
Weight: 90 lbs

Box 2 of 2:
Shipping Dims: 38″ x 25″ x 14.5″
Weight: 71 Lbs
Stand + Case: 35″ x 22.5″ x 12″
Weight: 67 lbs

9CASE DJ Podium


12CASE DJ Podium


8CASE DJ Podium


Post time: Feb-02-2024


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