Line Array Speaker Crank Stand 4m Speaker Lift tower TourGo

speaker crank stands

Line Array Speaker Crank Stand 4m Speaker Lift tower TourGo

TOURGO Aluminum Crank up stand – Max load 450 lbs. Max height 17

Crank stands features our exclusive direct drive, rack and pinion design in place of the traditional, problem prone, old cable system found today on traditional stands. The exclusive leg system found on allows this stand to be used on any solid surface with foot variance of -30° + 90° with unique fine adjustment.


Greater lifting powerLighter carrying weightFewer or no maintenance issuesPrecision height setup with centimeters/inches automatic lockFast onsite installationLower shipping costs.
Crank stands NO-Cable technologyDirect Drive – No cable with Rack & Pinion SystemNo Manual Locking Device, no pinsRemovable handleLight 100% Aluminum Design
Materials :
Aluminum 6082-T6
Maximum load :
450 lbs. / 210kg
Folded height :
6.1 ft. / 1.9
Optional type :
Large transportation wheels, -30° /+ 90° with fine adjustment and bubble level.
Foot extension diameter :
6.6 ft. / 2 m
Accessories :
Heavy duty transportation bag and accessories available
18 feet truss lift
truss crank stand

Post time: Jul-20-2017


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