OCR Ninja Warrior Obstacle Strength Training Equipment for Gym Ninja Rope Grab

Ninja Ropes fit perfectly in your obstacle course. These set Bungee Grips are suitable for training and for fun. It improves
strength and coordination in your hands, arms and upper body. Training with these bungee grips is a real challenge! The bungees
are elastic and make training very hard, especially if you have several Bungee Grips in a row!
The ninja ropes are equipped with a stainless steel ring for easy assembly. The grips are available in the color red or black.

* Great obstacle for your overhead challenge course
* 1.25″ diameter poly Dacron rope with metal clamp on top
* Rest grip knot on the end
* Approximate 18″ length overall

OCR, Ninja warrior, Ninja gyms, climbing, Parkour, obstacle run, fitness. For kids, teens and adults. For indoor and outdoor!
The Ninja bungees are standard equipped with a mounting ring so you can quickly assemble the bungees, and exchange with other grips.

Post time: Feb-28-2024


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