TourGo 3 Person Portable Soundproof Simultaneous Interpretation Booth


LightWeight Simultaneous Interpretation Booths for Two/Three Person 

TourGo Three-Person Lightweight Translation Booths, Full-size Interpretation Booths extendable to three/four person – We offer you a full range of simultaneous interpretation Booths, conference translation Booths…TourGo Interpreter booths are designed to create the best acoustic environment for the distinction of various languages spoken simultaneously, It provides the perfect visual and two-way audio communication between the interpreters and the participants in various meetings conferences.
TourGo TG-3SBOOTHS can be used Standard for 2 persons ,with Extension accessories can be extended for up to three person .1 or 2 persons can easily build the booth without any tools.

Black Portable Translation Booth  Configuration :

1. sound insulation door: Easy opening 180 angle without noise; Outward; 
2. windows: Size window is more than 670*800mm (H); Ample sight space; acrylic material ( thickness 6mm; Anti-scratch; Prevent sharp light outside). 
3. ventilation system: two silent ventilation system on top (optional), almost silence(< 40dB). 
4. work surface: 234cm(L)*50cm(W)*73cm(H); Can bear weight of all equipments 
5. cable passage: Dia. 5cm 
6. standard 10 wall panels(5 of which have windows with acrylic and 1 door panels), 3 roof panels , 2 working table. the booth also have 2 cable ducts


Capacity of sound-proof :

The capacity of sound proof of our booth is completely over ISO-4043 standard, at least 30 dB 


A. Easy installation, can be performed by 1-2 person 
B. Very comfortable working environment 
C. Clear view window (acrylic) 
D. Durable build 
E. The table is easy to install without using tools at all 
F. Good looking and Comfortable 
G. Suitable for all types for conference systems 


Black Portable Translation Booth Specification:

Standard suited for 3 persons
Standard size:W2400xD1600xH2000 mm
Weight approx. 160KG
Standard 15 panel configuration
Extendable up to 3 persons
Ventilation system integrated in roof panels
Outer Materials is high density plywood coated with fire-retardant paint
light grey color, other colors are available on demand.


Black Portable Translation Booth  Including:

One complete two person Booth & Ventilation System
Package Flight cases for two person booth
Extension accessories to three person booth
Package flight cases for Extension accessories


Black Portable Translation Booth Package :

Hard flight cases for standard Two person Booths:
Dimensions :W2080xD600xH1110 mm
Flight cases weight :75kg
Package flight cases for Extension accessories:
Dimensions :W2060xD370xH1040 mm
Flight cases weight :30kg


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