TourGo Aluminum Screw Exhibition Truss for Sales


TourGo Aluminum Screw Exhibition Truss for Sales

The L-Shaped Corner Trade Show Booth is the perfect small trade show display for Showcasing Company Banners, Product Displays, and other Trade Show Promotional material. The truss is one of our most popular trade show booth design ideals for small budgets. This L-Shaped trade show display effectively displays custom banners, company banners, and trade show banners to potential clients at a trade show convention. Also works perfectly with trade show display stands. This is one of our best trade show booth designs and is made from triangle truss, which nests together while packing for cost efficient packing and ease of transport. Light Design Systems has a wide range of creative trade show booth design ideas that are in stock and ready to ship out. If you need a specific dimension altered or want a completely different design than what we have in stock, do not hesitate to ask about custom truss fabrication. We do this at no extra charge.

Heavy Duty Bolt Truss

Banner Display Truss

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