Tourgo 24ft Diameter White Round Dance Floor For Outdoor Event

Tourgo 24ft Diameter White Round Dance Floor For Outdoor Event

Using interlocking white panels to create a stunning dance floor, this white dance floor package is the perfect finishing touch for your special event, whether it be a gala dinner, ball, wedding or corporate event, for example. Black and white checked dance floors are the classic design and look fabulous whatever the event. 

Why not take the hassle out of set up by asking our team to set up the round dance floor for you – please speak to us in advance of delivery to discuss the small additional charge. With a dance floor solution, you are providing a wonderful dance floor for all your guests

You can use the glossy wood dance floor for hotels, bars, schools and all related performance Venues.

Unit panel floor Standard size : (PS: It can be also customized)

600*600*25mm-Match with floor edging:910*910*25mm 


1000*1000*25mm-Match with floor edging:1100*100*25mm

It is very easy to install, only use a simple tool.

There are other option of the wood dance floor.

Black glossy round dance floor

Other shape glossy dance floor

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