Broadcasting Equipment Video Travel Audio Visual Flight Case

Broadcasting Equipment Video Travel Audio Visual Flight Case

TourGo Mobile Flight Case for Audio Video Broadcast Streaming with 2x 12U plus 2x 4U Rackspace is a mobile workstation case that can be used for Audio/Video Professionals in Broadcasting, Live Streaming, Audio Production and more. This one stop shop workstation desk is fully portable and allows you to mount and live in 2x 24-inch monitors or screens or 1 49″ Flatscreen Monitor, PC or Mac Towers, 2x 4U Top Rackspace (8U Total) and 2x 12U Bottom Rackspace (24U Total). This is a great mobile solution for Live Audio and Video Producers, Recording Studio Producers, Musicians, Home Studio Artists, and Teachers.


* Black / Black Finish
* Supports 2x 24-inch or Single 48″ Ultrawide Monitors
* 2x4U Top and 2x12U Rackspace Bottom
* Adjustable Monitor Viewing Angle
* Heavy Duty Casters | 4″ Wheels
* Sliding Keyboard/Mouse/Trackpad Shelf
* Case lids have folding legs/Converts to 2x Tables
To Fit
* Two 24″ PC Monitors
* Single 48″ Ultrawide PC Monitor
* 2x 12U Bottom Rack Space
* 2x 4U Top Rack Space
* Keyboard/Mouse
* Desktop PC


Post time: May-28-2024


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