Customized Printer Flight Case With Workstation

Customized Printer Flight Case With Workstation

The Pro Flightcase Printer Workstation Flight Case is a custom-built Flight Case using heavy duty Penn Elcom fittings and standard finish Black Hexaboard. Add to basket for colour and accessories options.
* Type: Removable front + back + top
* Material: 9mm Black hexa board. Other colours available (add to basket to view)
* Int Dims: w645mm x d645mm x h1187mm
* Ext Dims: w689mm x d666m x h1208mm
* Heavy duty Penn Elcom fittings
* Foam: Foam lined in 20mm high dense foam
* Pull our drawer built on HD runners for accessories
* 4u High rack strip fitted in the bottom compartment of the flightcase
* Castors: 100mm Castors fitted (x2 brakes)



Post time: Feb-28-2024


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