White Starlit Dance Floor – 26*22 ft

White Starlit Dance Floor – 26*22 ft
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Product Model : TG-DF-W26x22

Product Features :


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Our new floors gives your wedding, party or any event an extra sparkle. The floor can be set to static (permanent led lit) or sparkle mode with various speeds at a touch of a remote control.The appearance of the whiteStarlit Dance floor can be changed by projecting coloured lighting onto its surface. This offers great flexibility to change the mood of the room or marquee. The dance floor is finished off with an aluminum trim around the edge to prevent any trips or falls.

Component Specification:


Dimension(cm) Dimension(inch) Weight(kg) Weight(lb)
Full Panel 121.6 X 60.8 X 2.8 48 X 24 X 1.06 11  26.40lbs
Half Panel 60.8 X 60.8 X 2.8 24 X 24 X 1.06 13.20lbs
Full Edge 121.6 X 12.5 X 2.8 48 X 5 X1.06 2.86lbs
Half Edge 60.8 X 12.5 X 2.8 24 X 5 X 1.06 1.54lbs
R/L Corners 37.8 X 12.5 X 2.8 14.9 X 5 X 1.06 1.10lbs


Starlit dance floor details photos display :

2x4ft White starlit dance floor panels :


2x2ft White starlit dance floor panels :

2×4 ft White starlit dance floor panels back view :

2×2 ft White starlit dance floor panels back view :

starlit dance floor09.jpg

Starlit dance floor power supplier & remoter control :

starlit dance floor06.jpg

Starlit dance floor stage edging :

starlit dance floor11.jpg


starlit dance floor03.jpg


starlit dance floor73.jpg



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  • White Dance floor Specification:

    Voltage:36V ;Consumption: 4W

    LED Qty:16/ 32 Pieces W/R/G/B/Y color

    Lamps:High Brightness SMD5050 Lamps


    Channel:1 (twinkling effect, Speed adjusted by remote)

    Weight:6KG /12KG;Size:2*2FT / 2*4FT

    Panels: Durable Acryllc Top surface with PVC/ABS Plastic Back

    Advantage:The panels can be easily to disassembly and replace the LED lightings inside;

    Size Suggestion :


    12ft x 12ft – Suitable for upto 35-45 dancers

    14ft x 14ft – Suitable for upto 45-55 dancers

    16ft x 16ft – Suitable for upto 60-70 dancers

    18ft x 18ft – Suitable for upto 75-90 dancers

    20ft x 20ft – Suitable for upto 95-110 dancers

    22ft x 22ft – Suitable for upto 115-135 dancers

    24ft x 24ft – Suitable for upto 140-160 dancers

    26ft x 26ft – Suitable for upto 165-190 dancers

    28ft x 28ft – Suitable for upto 195-220 dancers

    30ft x 30ft – Suitable for upto 225-250 dancers

    White Starlit Dance floor Size:

    NO. Feet Size Metric Size Quantity Needed Weight Volume
    2*2ft 4*2ft /kg /cbm
    TG-DF-W8x8 8*8 Feet 2.44M*2.44M 4 6 133.00 0.48 
    TG-DF-W8x12 8*12 Feet 2.44M*3.66M 4 10 210.00 0.70 
    TG-DF-W10x10 10*10 Feet 3.05M*3.05M 10  210.00 0.70 
    TG-DF-W12x10 12*10 Feet 3.66M*3.05M 12  280.00 1.20 
    TG-DF-W12x12 12*12 Feet 3.66M*3.66M 15  339.00 1.25 
    TG-DF-W14x12 14*12 Feet 4.27M*3.66M 18  379.00 1.37 
    TG-DF-W14x14 14*14 Feet 4.27M*4.27M 21  429.00 1.58 
    TG-DF-W16x14 16*14 Feet 4.87M*4.27M 25  497.00 1.73 
    TG-DF-W16x16 16*16 Feet 4.87M*4.87M 28  551.00 1.91 
    TG-DF-W18x14 18*14 Feet 5.48M*4.27M 28  545.00 1.94 
    TG-DF-W18x16 18*16 Feet 5.48M*4.87M 32  608.00 2.17 
    TG-DF-W18x18 18*18 Feet 5.48M*5.48M 36  690.00 2.42 
    TG-DF-W20x16 20*16 Feet 6.09M*4.87M 36  684.00 2.39 
    TG-DF-W20x18 20*18 Feet 6.09M*5.48M 41  744.00 2.39 
    TG-DF-W20x20 20*20 Feet 6.09M*6.09M 10  45  842.00 2.94 
    TG-DF-W22x16 22*16 Feet 6.70M*4.87M 40  737.00 2.50 
    TG-DF-W22x18 22*18 Feet 6.70M*5.48M 45  840.00 3.00 
    TG-DF-W22x20 22*20 Feet 6.70M*6.09M 10  50  907.00 3.00 
    TG-DF-W22x22 22*22 Feet 6.70M*6.70M 11  55  991.00 3.50 
    TG-DF-W24x18 24*18 Feet 7.31M*5.48M 50  894.00 3.00 
    TG-DF-W24x20 24*20 Feet 7.31M*6.09M 10  55  982.00 3.50 
    TG-DF-W24x22 24*22 Feet 7.31M*6.70M 10  61  1,076.00 3.50 
    TG-DF-W24x24 24*24 Feet 7.31M*7.31M 12  66  1,171.00 4.10 
    TG-DF-W26x20 26*20 Feet 7.92M*6.09M 10  60  1,064.00 3.58 
    TG-DF-W26x22 26*22 Feet 7.92M*6.70M 11  66  1,163.00 4.07 
    TG-DF-W26x24 26*24 Feet 7.92M*7.31M 12  72  1,283.00 4.65 
    TG-DF-W26x26 26*26 Feet 7.92M*7.92M 13  78  1,377.00 4.50 
    TG-DF-W28x24 28*24 Feet 8.51M*7.31M 12  78  1,371.00 4.50 
    TG-DF-W28x26 28*26 Feet 8.51M*7.92M 12  85  1,479.00 5.22 

    1.  Why your factory provide not only  lighting truss, but also  flight case, portable stage, pipe and drape ,ect ?


    Actually, the reason is very simple. All our product need the similar raw material , like plywood, aluminum alloy tube. We just need buy the professional machines, hire the skillful workers and enhance the R& D Team. We hope we could provide “ One-Stop service” for our clients.

    Our concept is “ Tourgo , Build your dream”  Our goal is to win the bright future and be the No. 1 Pro sound & Light equipment manufacturer.


    2. Does Tourgo company provide the OEM service?


    Yes, Tourgo could provide the OEM service according to your request.

    We have the ten-year designers team, the customized flight case, portable stage, and  lighting truss also is available,  just need your idea!


    3. Does Tourgo company offer warranty for the sold products?


    Only if your products are purchased from Tourgo company, we promise life time warranty. In other words, if your products are purchased directly from us or our dealers, you can enjoy such warranty.


    4. Do you provide the flight cases parts for replacement I purchased from Tourgo company ?


    Well, almost all our flight cases parts are replaceable. You can replace them yourself. If you want to get them, you can contact us soon.   


    5. What is the mean of Alphabet “U” in rack case catalog?


    For rack case, we offer 2U, 4U, 6U, 8U and other models of “U” cases. “U” here is a unit referring to inner height of the rack case . Usually, 1 U equals 1.75” (4.45cm).


    6. I want to distribute your products in my country. How can I become a distributor ?


    Tourgo has searched global deals for all our products. We will provide preferential offers for all deals, especially those in large amount. For most information about dealership, please visit our Distributor Wanted.  


    7. What is the MOQ for your products?


    Tourgo requires no minimum order quantity, and we can ship single item samples or large orders worldwide for any clients who are in need of our products


    8. Can I get any discount for my order?


    Yeah, you can contact our sales team, depending on the amount of your order 

    - The products you need

    - The exact desired order quantity

    - Your desired time frame

    - Any special packing instructions

    With this information we will get back to you with a quotation.

    We also offer limited time promotion, please notice our post in our website.


    9. What is your payment term, delivery time? Do you have the reliable freight agent?


    The payment term is T/T, Western Union.

    Delivery time is 7 – 15 days after we get the payment. Surely, if you need the goods urgently, we  try our best to meet your demand. Moreover, we  will send your goods pictures to you before the shipping

    Yes, as a leading manufacturer, we have the reliable freight agent and has done the business with them for many years. If you have your own agent,  we would like to coordinate with them fully.


    10. Will you send the drawing of the custom product for our confirmation before the production?           


    Yes, Absolutely! Like custom flight case, lighting truss project, portable stage project. We will provide the professional drawing for your confirmation before our production.

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