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TourGo American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Co...

TourGo American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Co...
TourGo American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids
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Interpreter Booth

TourGo booths exceed the latest ISO-4043 standards and are suitable for all types of conference systems.The cabins are simple to assemble and offer the user maximum comfort.

Stage Lighting

TourGo offer new stage lighting and stage effect for sale at competitive prices . we pride ourselves on customer service and creative solutions to your lighting challenges.

Truss Stage

TourGo are a leading manufacturers of Aluminium Truss systems, Stage Sets and Event Tent for the entertainment industry.


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TourGo are the leading designer & manufacture of Interpreter Booths,Aluminum Stage Truss,Ninja Warrior Course ,Event Tent,Stage Effec,LED Dance Floor,Stage Lighting on the international market.

Fondată în 2005, de-a lungul anilor, am urmărit conceptul crească și să câștige o reputație pentru furnizarea de echipamente de calitate. Numai acest lucru nu ar fi fost de ajuns, fără a avea o echipă de conștiință care se mândresc cu munca pe care o fac.

Tourgo works closely with its’ clients, whether they be event organizers, managers, religious organizations, social groups or private individuals. By taking the time to understand your requirements we can take care of all aspects regarding your event, whether this be design, planning or technical…


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